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About Contact - Březová

Primary and Nursery (and now: also: Secondary) School Březová is a village school in the south-east of the Czech Republic in village Březová on the border with Slovakia. Even though Březová School is a "small, village school", there are more than 800 pupils attending it. A great majority (almost 700 of them) don't go to school every day. The school provides individual online system allowing pupils study at home or everywhere with the internet access. This is thanks to the online "moodle" system where the pupils can find all the information they need for the education. The school also provides kids with the onlione skype lessons. Thanks to this some people consider Březová school to be one of the most dynamic primary schools in the Czech Republic. Following the exceptionally successful school practice (also as to how to use internet in teaching) Březová School opened its secondary school branch in September 2017.

Březová School fits into the project team extremely well. First, Březová is a small, remote community (like most of the partners) but is very active in finding ways and means to promote their teaching methodology. Their experience overlaps what the project needs: teaching social coherence and other aspects of civic (social) competence. Based on its experience, Březová School will be a perfect Coordinator; all partners are sure of it and all of them support Březová fully.

Contact Person

  • Mr. David Smetana
  • Teacher
  • +420 571 896 533

About Organisation

  • Primary and Nursery School
  • Diliky 102
  • Březová, Czech Republic
  • +420 777 893 942