European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students


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About Contact - Suprex

Suprex Ltd is a Felsonyek-based private SME founded in 1990. It is a business services company; its main activities are: business screening and reengineering, management training and coaching, adult teaching, teaching materials compilation. In doing so, Suprex has got considerable experience in teaching jobless persons and also those in disadvantageous position. (poor, jobless, Roma, etc.) Suprex has business experience in working with companies from SME's to large multinationals and has been active on international level too. Suprex has experience in Erasmus+ projects too and will have considerable value added regarding the practical aspects of CSR.

Suprex will help formulating what expextations and requirements can a society express towards the 'Digital Era Kids'. Suprex having long-years-experience also in development of ICT-aided materials, it will provide its expertise in ICT-isation and iPhone-isation of the teaching materials. Suprex is ready and able to contribute to the project sucess with all of its human assets. Also, Suprex will be especially active in elaborating practical aspects and class plans of the teaching materials and TSM's.

Contact Person

  • Dr. Bela Balogh
  • Director
  • +36 209 380 514

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