European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students


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About Contact - Tione di Trento

Tione di Trento is a small local community in Northern Italy, (not far from Trento), with some 3600 inhabitants, like Vrakuny SK. Institute of don Guetti has a very colorful past: there were several schools from the second half of the 20. century that merged consecutively, bringing their scope of teaching into the present school. The School was given the present name of don Lorenzo Guetti, a priest and also a famous educator and politician. The Institute is a secondary school and teaches a wide variety of specific educational fields. The School is also very active in education of young adults too.

Tione di Trento is a small remote community in theTrentino Region; amongst the mountains. As a small community, it will share the same approach as the other partners in the project. Tione di Trento is famous for its social care and social solidarity, so the community and the school are perfect partners in elaborating teaching materials for social responsibility. As the School has ISO 9000 certification, they are als familiar with the ISO 26000, the international standard for CSR. Therefore, the School will be very active in elaborating the content of the materials and after it is accepted, todeal with all media application issues of the project topic.

Contact Person

  • Ms. Alessandra Piccoli
  • European Project Manager
  • +39 046 193 1200

About Organisation

  • Educational Institute
  • Via Durone,53
  • Tione di Trento,Italy
  • +39 046 532 1735