European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students


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About Contact - Auseu

Auseu is a small local community in northwestern Romania; its population is near 3000 people. It is conglomerate of six different communities. Since it is situated ca 50 km from Oradea and 100 km from Cluj (the two bigger towns in the region), Auseu experiences problems with unemployment. The situation is made even more diffucult due to the relatively high proportion of Roma minorities living in Auseu. Therefore, the project results (CSR) will be a great help for Auseu young local children, leaving the local (8-class) elementary school. The local school Scoala Ginmaziala Alexandru Roman Auseu has ca 300 pupils (including also pre-school class too) and teaching staff of 30 persons and is working hard in preparing those leaving the school.

At the end of the 8th grade a nationwide test is taken by all students. The subjects are Romanian Language and Literature and Mathematics. Many high schools provide classes with intensive study of a foreign language, such as English, French, German or Spanish and thus a two-part examination (Grammar/Vocabulary and Speaking) is required for them. The passing mark is 5 for each of the exams. If the student passes, he is allowed to enrol in a high school; should he fail, he will have to join a School of Crafts and Trades for two years.

Contact Person

  • Ns. Ioana Popescu
  • Teacher
  • +40 740 561 883

About Organisation

  • Gymnasium School
  • Principala nr.85
  • Auseu, Romania
  • unlisted
  • +40 259 447 040