European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students


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About Contact - Vrakúň

Vrakúň Local Government (Vrakúň Municipality) manages a 3000-inhabitant settlement in West-Slovakia; near to the regional centre Dunajská Streda and also not far from the capital, Bratislava. The Municipality also relies on the activities and support of the local school too. The Municipality performs all usual functions of any municipality: manages the local public life, organises and support local cultural events, provides local public services. The Municipality has a chain of volunteers too assisting in organisation of the public actions.

Vrakúň Municipality has experience in international cooperation. It has been an active partner to Červeník (SK) and was an assotiation partner in an Erasmus+ project. Relying on own staff, on the teaching staff of the local school and also on a team of volunteers, the Municipality is willing and able to perform all tasks the project team assignes to it. Vrakúň Municipality will especially concentrate its attention and effort on formulating expectations for those having finished (or finishing) elementary school only. It will encourage the local school to implement and use the project results in the teaching process.

Contact Person

  • PaedDr. Štefan Fazekas
  • Mayor
  • +421 131 550 9731

About Organisation

  • Local Public body
  • Námestie sv.Štefana 474/1
  • Vrakúň, Slovakia
  • +421 315 520 439