European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students

Online multi-round game

Since most teachers know how difficult it is at present to engage pupils in teaching with the help of classical materials (textbooks, presentations…), in creating our project we tried to find out which teaching materials currently seem instructive but also fun for pupils. We focused mainly on secondary school students because it is probably the most challenging here.

Most of the pupils agreed that such an option for them is primarily an online game, in which they can participate either individually or as a group. Although it was not part of the original project, we decided to use the technical skills of some of our students and tried to create a simple game. However, we did not want the game to be based only on the correct answers, as is often the case with educational games.

As a result, the game is divided into several levels. The first task is to unlock the individual levels by answering the questions. When students reach a given level, they have a common task to complete in order to move on. The game ends when all levels are reached. The game can be tried out at:

Play Multi-Round Game